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Press Release | April 5, 2024

Defeat ISIS Mission in Iraq and Syria for January through March 2024


April 5, 2024
Release Number 20240405 - 01

TAMPA, Fla. – United States Central Command, along with our Defeat ISIS partners, Iraqi Security Forces and the Syrian Democratic Forces, conducted 94 Defeat ISIS Missions resulting in 18 ISIS operatives killed and 63 detained from January through March. In Iraq, 66 partnered operations resulted in 11 ISIS operatives killed and 36 ISIS operatives detained. In Syria, 28 partnered operations resulted in 7 ISIS operatives killed and 27 ISIS operatives detained.

The continued pursuit of the approximately 2,500 ISIS fighters at large across Iraq and Syria is a critical component to the enduring defeat of ISIS.  Equally vital are the ongoing international efforts to repatriate more than 9,000 ISIS detainees in detention facilities in Syria, and the repatriation, rehabilitation, and reintegration of more than 45,000 individuals and families from the Al Hol and Al Roj camps. CENTCOM supports United States efforts to maintain sustained pressure to address the persistent ISIS threat.  

“We are committed to the enduring defeat of ISIS because of the threat they pose both regionally and globally. We continue to focus our efforts on specifically targeting those members of ISIS who are seeking to conduct external operations outside of Iraq and Syria and those ISIS members attempting to break out ISIS members in detention in an attempt to reconstitute their forces,” said Gen. Michael Erik Kurilla, commander of U.S. Central Command. “Defeating this threat requires continued pressure from our partners and the Coalition.”