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Press Release | Dec. 25, 2023

U.S. CENTCOM conducts strikes against Kataib Hezbollah terrorist group targets in Iraq


Dec. 25, 2023

Release Number 20231225-01


TAMPA, Fla. – In response to multiple attacks against coalition forces in Iraq and Syria, U.S. military forces conducted airstrikes against multiple facilities used by Kataib Hezbollah and affiliated groups in Iraq at 8:45 p.m. (EST) on Dec. 25.

Earlier in the day, Iranian sponsored Kataib Hezbollah terrorists and affiliated groups attacked coalition forces at Erbil, Iraq resulting in several injuries.

Early assessments indicate that these U.S. airstrikes destroyed the targeted facilities and likely killed a number of Kataib Hezbollah militants.  There are no indications that any civilian lives were affected.  The U.S. military will continue to evaluate the effectiveness of these strikes.

"These strikes are intended to hold accountable those elements directly responsible for attacks on coalition forces in Iraq and Syria and degrade their ability to continue attacks.  We will always protect our forces," said General Michael Erik Kurilla, U.S. Central Command Commander.