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Press Release | Feb. 8, 2023

CENTCOM Commander visits Baghdad


Feb. 7, 2023

Release Number 20230202-02



TAMPA, Fla. – From Feb. 7 to 8, General Michael “Erik” Kurilla, commander of U.S. Central Command, visited Baghdad as part of a multi-country visit to the Middle East. Kurilla met with Prime Minister al-Sudani and the commander of Joint Operations Command for Iraq, Lt. Gen. Qais Al-Muhammadawi AI-Abbasi. The leaders discussed the current security situation in Iraq and the progress of the Iraqi Security Forces in their fight against ISIS.

While in Baghdad, Kurilla also met with the leadership from the Combined Joint Task Force – Operation Inherent Resolve to discuss threats, ongoing operations, and the mission to ensure the enduring defeat of ISIS.

After the visit, Kurilla issued this statement:

“This short visit crystallized the progress we continued to make in the fight against ISIS in Iraq and Syria and the work that remains ahead. Alongside our partners in the Syrian Democratic Forces, we continue to put pressure on ISIS in Syria. In Iraq, we continue to advise, assist, and enable the Iraqi Security Forces in the fight against ISIS.

“Territorially, ISIS is defeated and incapable of holding large swaths of land. However, ISIS remains a threat and its vile ideology remains uncontained and unconstrained. ISIS continues to represent a threat to not only Iraq and Syria, but to the stability and security of the region. Therefore, we must continue the fight against ISIS alongside our partners.”