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Press Release | Feb. 2, 2023

CENTCOM Month in Review: The Fight Against ISIS in Iraq and Syria


Feb. 2, 2023

Release Number 20230202-01


TAMPA, Fla.  During the month of January 2023 U.S. Central Command-led coalition forces and partner forces conducted 43 operations against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. These operations degraded ISIS and removed multiple senior ISIS militants from the battlefield, including the Emir of Raqqa and a Syrian provincial media and security operative. These successful operations are part of the mission to ensure the enduring defeat of ISIS.


Coalition member nations remain focused on degrading ISIS capabilities and restoring stability to the region. It is an effort that can only be accomplished by, with, and through our coalition partners.


“While our efforts have degraded ISIS, the group’s vile ideology remains uncontained and unconstrained,” said Gen. Michael "Erik" Kurilla, commander of CENTCOM. “ISIS continues to represent a threat to not only Iraq and Syria, but to the stability and security of the region. Therefore, we must continue the fight against ISIS alongside our partners.”


The following is a summary of the D-ISIS operations for January 2023:


For the month of January 2023, the CENTCOM-led coalition conducted a total of 43 D-ISIS operations, resulting in 11 ISIS operatives killed and 227 detained.


In Iraq:                                                                          

33 partnered operations                                              

No U.S.-only operations                                              

29 ISIS operatives detained                                           

9 ISIS operatives killed                                                  


In Syria:

10 partnered operations

No U.S.-only operations

198 ISIS operatives detained

2 ISIS operatives killed


These operations were conducted under the authority of the CENTCOM commander who retains authority for operations against ISIS in Iraq and Syria, and under the command of Combined Joint Task Force – Operation Inherent Resolve. No U.S. forces were injured or killed in these operations. Our local partners – the Syrian Democratic Forces and the Iraqi Security Forces – play a critical role in this fight.


“We rely heavily on the Syrian Democratic Forces for the fight against ISIS,” Kurilla said. “Meanwhile, our Iraqi Security Forces have been aggressively taking the fight to ISIS in Iraq.”


“We commend the competence, professionalism, and dedication of our Iraqi, Syrian, and coalition partner forces,” said Maj. Gen. Matthew McFarlane, CJTF-OIR commander. “Their unwavering efforts maintain steady pressure on the ISIS network. The U.S. remains committed to ensuring the lasting defeat of ISIS to preserve regional security and stability.”


On the second day of each month, CENTCOM will publish an accounting of operations against ISIS from the previous month. This is the first press release in that effort.