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Press Release | Sept. 18, 2022

CENTCOM Commander Concludes Trip to CENTCOM AOR


September 18, 2022

Release Number 20220918-01


TAMPA, Fla. - From September 6th to 16th, US CENTCOM commander General Michael “Erik” Kurilla visited the Central Command Area of Responsibility. The visit included engagements in Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Jordan, and Israel.

The trip included:

  • Engagements with military leadership from partnered nations about national security concerns and partnership opportunities;
  • A visit to the al-Hol Internally Displaced Persons camp in Northeast Syria, where General Kurilla met with camp security, the camp administrator, and residents of the camp to discuss the security and humanitarian conditions;
  • An engagement with leadership from the Syrian Democratic Forces about the effort to clear ISIS from al-Hol camp;
  • A visit to Multinational Force and Observers in the Sinai;
  • A trip through a portion of the Suez Canal with the Suez Canal Authority to observe maritime security and an ongoing expansion project;
  • Observation of Exercise Eager Lion, a training event hosted by the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and involving 28 partner militaries;
  • An engagement with regional press about CENTCOM’s regional partnerships;
  • A tour of the Israeli border with Gaza, to include a visit with two Israeli commands in vicinity of Gaza;
  • Participation in an international conference on military innovation hosted by the Israeli Defense Forces; and
  • Meetings with American troops as well as troops from partnered military forces about partnership opportunities.From General Kurilla:

“Every time I visit the region, I learn more about the remarkable skill and impressive capabilities of our servicemembers and our partners. These visits are critical and the information I learn first-hand is invaluable. My priority is the deepening of relationships that we will need as we navigate the challenges of the region.

“My strategic approach to CENTOM can be summarized by three words:  People, Partnerships, and Innovation - I was able to focus on all three during this trip.

“Our People are CENTCOM’s greatest strength. The People of the region are also a strength for us as we seek to increase stability.

“People are central to our mission success – from commanders at every echelon to unit members at every rank, from host nation officials to partnered military leaders – it all begins and ends with People. I saw some amazing People during this visit. We will continue to invest heavily in our People.

“Partnerships are CENTCOM’s comparative advantage, and we must continue to strengthen them. We can build strong constructs with and among partners to build stability in the region. Partnership is a two-way street and I am committed to advancing our Partnerships.  

“Innovation will build connective tissue to strengthen our partnerships, assist in operations, and expedite multilateral integration. CENTCOM has a culture of Innovation and we will leverage this culture to advance partnerships and stability in the region.

“People, Partnerships, and Innovation will allow CENTCOM and the region to succeed, and I returned to Tampa with a more informed appreciation of each. It is clear that CENTCOM is well-positioned to support the region today and into the future.”