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Press Release | Aug. 2, 2022

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and U.S. military begin planning for Exercise EAGLE RESOLVE

Aug. 2, 2022

Release Number 20220802-01



TAMPA, Fla. - U.S. Central Command, along with The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, initiated the Concept Development Conference for the planning of Exercise EAGLE RESOLVE 23 - a scenario-driven command post exercise (CPX) linked with field training exercises (FTX) scheduled for May-June 2023 in Saudi Arabia.

The annual exercise, in its 16th iteration, is designed to develop and employ a Combined Joint Task Force capable of responding to the complexity of the current and emerging regional threats in the United States Central Command area of responsibility. 

"The overarching objective is to protect populations and infrastructures," said Air Force Maj. Gen. Steven J. deMilliano, Director of Exercises and Training Directorate, United States Central Command. "This exercise is designed to enhance regional, civil, and military interoperability along with process development, honing the skills necessary to implement crisis management and defend the skies from inbound threats." 

The exercise, which first occurred in 1999, consists of scenarios such as air defense concepts, counter unmanned aircraft systems, border security operations, inter-ministerial coordination and procedures to address consequence management objectives. The concept development conference establishes groundwork that the planning teams will continue to build upon as they move forward toward the exercise's execution.