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Press Release | March 25, 2019

Coalition Strikes Daesh Network in Iraq


March 25, 2019

Release # 20190325-01


SOUTHWEST ASIA – Combined Joint Task Force – Operation Inherent Resolve continues conducting airstrikes against Daesh targets in Iraq in support of Iraqi Security Force activities as part of ongoing operations to eliminate their insurgence network.

“The Coalition remains steadfast in its assistance to the Iraqi Security Forces as they interdict the Daesh network,” said U.K. Major General Ghika, Deputy Commander – Strategy and Information, CJTF-OIR. “The Iraqis and the Coalition will ensure the terrorists learn that nowhere in Iraq is safe for them.”

The airstrikes support broader counter-resurgence operations throughout Iraq. These operations focus on Daesh’s capacity to reemerge, which includes the targeting its financial, explosive-manufacturing, communication, recruiting, planning, training and smuggling activities.

“The Coalition is committed to Iraq, and we will continue to partner closely the security forces,” Ghika said. “This includes our Build Partner Capability mission to enhance the professional and technical expertise of Iraq’s security forces through training and equipping.”

“As Daesh has been systematically defeated, many of its fighters have fled out of Syria into Iraq.  They are now seeking to re-establish themselves to conduct a deadly resurgence. Make no mistake, the fight against Daesh and violent extremism is far from over,” Ghika concluded.

The Coalition operates in Iraq at the request of the Government of Iraq. United international efforts against Daesh resulted in the liberation of Daesh-occupied territory, and the ongoing fight will ensure their enduring defeat and the erosion of their extremist ideology.