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Press Release | March 15, 2019

Iraqi Security Forces working hard to deny Daesh transition

SOUTHWEST ASIA – Anbar Operations Command conducted a series of air assault operations and major clearances targeting known Daesh locations in Anbar province, Iraq, Feb. 26 – March 2, 2019.


On Feb. 26, the Special Tactics Regiment, from Anbar province, conducted a series of air assault operations and major clearances in the Wadi Tubal area; targeting several known Daesh locations, resulting in four detainees accused of terrorism. Iraqi aviation assets are increasingly being utilized in combat operations against Daesh, considerably expanding their value in continuing to pressure Daesh as they transition to establishing sleeper cells and threatening the civilian population.


On March 2, the 7th Iraqi Army conducted large scale clearances across the Wadi Hawran region and discovered approximately 43 improvised explosive devices across four different caches; all of the explosives were either marked or destroyed during the clearance operation.


Finally, on March 2, Iraqi Army commanders, Iraqi government officials, and local Yazidi leaders, met to discuss Iraqi Security Forces presence in Sinjar, the local government, and the rehabilitation of the city.