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Press Release | Jan. 7, 2019

CENTCOM counterterrorism strikes in Yemen 2018 rollup


Jan. 7, 2019

Release Number 20190107-01



CENTCOM counterterrorism strikes in Yemen 2018 rollup


TAMPA, Fla. - U.S. Central Command conducted 36 total air strikes in Yemen

in 2018, targeting al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and ISIS-Yemen.


CENTCOM conducted 10 air strikes in January targeting both AQAP and

ISIS-Yemen, six air strikes against AQAP in February, seven air strikes

against AQAP in March and four airstrikes against AQAP in April.


CENTCOM conducted two air strikes in May, two air strikes in June, two air

strikes in July, one air strike in August, and two air strikes in September,

all targeting AQAP terrorists.


No strikes were conducted in Yemen in October, November, and December.


The air strikes took place in Abyan, al Bayda, Hadramawt, Shabwah and Zamakh