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Press Release | Dec. 19, 2017

Coalition removes Daesh leaders from battlefield


Dec. 19, 2017
Release # 20171219-01

SOUTHWEST ASIA - Coalition airstrikes killed three senior Daesh leaders in Iraq and Syria in the past three weeks. The removal of these key terrorists disrupts Daesh's leadership and information dissemination activities, reducing the terrorist group's ability to plan and conduct terrorist attacks both within Syria and Iraq, and abroad.

* Abu Faysal, a senior Daesh leader, and his deputy Abu Qudamah al-Iraqi, were killed in a Coalition strike on Dec. 1 in the middle Euphrates River valley region of Syria.

* Mustafa Kamal Jasim Muhammad al-Zawi, a Daesh senior leader courier, was killed in an operation on Nov. 28 near al-Sharqat, Iraq.

The Coalition will continue to exert pressure on Daesh senior leaders and associates across multiple networks in order to degrade, disrupt, and dismantle Daesh structures and remove the extremist terrorists throughout Iraq and Syria.