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Press Release | Oct. 14, 2017

Raqqah Civil Council and Tribal Elders Arrange Civilian Evacuation to Reduce Civilian Casualties


 Oct. 14, 2017
Release # 20171014-02

A convoy of vehicles is staged to depart Raqqah Oct. 14 under an arrangement brokered by the Raqqah Civil Council and local Arab tribal elders Oct. 12.

The arrangement is designed to minimize civilian casualties and purportedly excludes foreign Daesh terrorists as people trapped in the city continue to flee the impending fall of Daesh's so-called capital.

People departing Raqqah under the arrangement are subject to search and screening by Syrian Democratic Forces.

The Coalition was not involved in the discussions that led to the arrangement, but believes it will save innocent lives and allow Syrian Democratic Forces and the Coalition to focus on defeating Daesh terrorists in Raqqah with less risk of civilian casualties.

"We do not condone any arrangement that allows Daesh terrorists to escape Raqqah without facing justice, only to resurface somewhere else. We remain concerned about the thousands of civilians in Raqqah who remain subject to Daesh cruelty," said Coalition Director of Operations Brig. Gen. Jonathan Braga.  "Daesh terrorists have been hiding behind women and children for three years, and we are against any arrangement that lets them continue to do so."

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