Coalition airstrikes kill three ISIS drone experts

Release No: 17-382 Sept. 29, 2017 PRINT | E-MAIL

September 29, 2017

Release # 20170929-02



SOUTHWEST ASIA – Coalition airstrikes killed three senior and highly skilled ISIS officials near Mayadin, Syria, on Sept. 12-14.


Abu Salman, an ISIS drone developer, was killed during airstrikes on Sept. 14. His research workshop, located in Asharah, near Mayadin, was also destroyed in the strikes.  Abu Salman was killed while traveling with a terrorist associate in a vehicle from Mayadin to Asharah. His death and the destruction of his drone facility greatly disrupts ISIS’ development of weaponized drones and testing of new software.


Abu Muadh al-Tunisi and Sajid Farooq Babar were killed on Sept. 12 and 13, respectively, by Coalition airstrikes near Mayadin, Syria.  Both were responsible for manufacturing and modifying commercially produced drones.


“The removal of these key ISIS leaders disrupts and degrades ISIS’ ability to modify and employ drone platforms as reconnaissance and direct fire weapons on the battlefield,” said Coalition Spokesman Col. Ryan Dillon.


The Coalition will continue to exert pressure on ISIS senior leaders and associates across multiple networks to degrade, disrupt, and dismantle ISIS structures and defeat terrorists throughout Iraq and Syria.