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Press Release | Dec. 16, 2016

Airstrikes destroy ISIL’s captured tanks


December 16, 2016
Release #20161216-02

SOUTHWEST ASIA — On Thursday, Dec. 15, Coalition aircraft from CJTF-OIR destroyed 14 ISIL tanks and other equipment captured near Palmyra, Syria.

ISIL seized the tanks and other military hardware from Tiyas Military Airfield near Palmyra, Syria, between 11-13 Dec.

“The CJTF-OIR commanding general, Lt. Gen. Stephen J. Townsend, made it clear during his Dec.14th press conference that we would strike the equipment before it posed a threat to counter-ISIL operations,” said Col. John “J.D.” Dorrian, the CJTF-OIR spokesperson. “We will not allow ISIL to maintain capabilities that threaten Coalition or partner forces.”

The attacks occurred during daylight hours from late morning to early evening on Thursday. In addition to the 14 tanks, three artillery systems, two ISIL-held buildings, two tactical vehicles, and an air defense artillery system were also destroyed in the strike. The equipment was destroyed in the vicinity of the airfield, northeast of the city along a highway.

During the operation, 16 Coalition aircraft fired 22 munitions destroying 22 targets.

Video footage of airstrikes in support of this operation can be found at: