NEWS | March 17, 2015

US-Jordan partnership exercise builds for future operations

By By Maj. Janet Herrick, U.S. Army Central Public Affairs

ZARQA, Jordan, March 13, 2015 - U.S. and Jordanian forces conducted Exercise Eager Light 15 at the Jordanian Simulations Center March 8-12.

Eager Light is an annual bilateral command post exercise led by U.S. Army Central personnel and the Jordanian Armed Forces, or JAF.

Conducted annually since 1998, Exercise Eager Light is designed to increase interoperability and responsiveness between the U.S. and Jordanian Armed Forces, designed to demonstrate the robust partnership between the two countries.

Jordanian military members from the 12th "Al-Yarmuk" Brigade worked alongside Georgia Army National Guardsmen from the 560th Battlefield Surveillance Brigade and reserve linguists to reinforce their partnered commitment to security and stability in the region.

"The exercising of the military decision making process is integral for combined training with our JAF partners," said Lt. Col. Derek Mixon, U.S. Army Central exercise director. "It is important to maintain a high level of proficiency on key tasks while exercising different scenarios. Exercising with our JAF partners is an important component of readiness and is fundamental to sustaining and strengthening military relationships."

JAF and U.S. forces met the week prior to the exercise for academic and simulation training to standardize and refine command and control operations, logistics, communications and administration using the Joint Conflict and Tactical Simulations System.

The exchange of knowledge and experience of JAF and U.S. leaders fostered an understanding of each other's forces, said Brig. Gen. Mohammed Jaradat, Jordanian Armed Forces Chairmen Chief of Staff Joint Training. He added that practicing operations processes enabled commands to decentralize missions and provided opportunities for junior leaders to take initiative to become more prepared to respond to the threats being faced in the region.

Training exercises such as Eager Light highlight the longstanding partnership and enduring friendship between Jordan and U.S. forces, promote cooperation and interoperability, build functional capacity, practice crisis management and enhance readiness.