NEWS | Feb. 17, 2015

Iraqi Security Forces Defeat ISIL Attack on Al Asad Air Base

By CJTF - Operation Inherent Resolve News Release

February 13, 2015

Release # 20150213

SOUTHWEST ASIA - About 7:20 a.m. (Iraqi time, Friday Feb. 13) a small Daesh element attacked an Iraqi Army facility on the Al Asad Air Base in Anbar province.

The Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) supported by Coalition surveillance assets defeated the attack, killing all eight attackers. The ISF have since re-secured their facility.

Coalition forces were several kilometers from the attack and at no stage were they under direct threat from this action.

The Coalition is working closely with ISF elements at Al Asad Air Base conducting Advise and Assist as well as the Build Partner Capacity missions. Almost 800 ISF are currently in training with Coalition forces at Al Asad.

Any further questions about the attack should be directed to the Iraqi Ministry of Defense.