News | May 23, 2013

Afghans, Italians complete Big Dam operation

By , ISAF Public Affairs Office

HERAT, Afghanistan – The Italian military, in conjunction with their counterparts from the Afghan Army, successfully completed the Big Dam operation in Heart province recently.

Big Dam helped ensure the safety of the northern and eastern part of their area of responsibility. The project, carried out in part by the Transition Support Unit Center of the Italian military, represents a significant step forward for the Afghan security forces as they assume greater responsibility for the security of their country.

According to their joint plan, an Afghan Army air quick reaction force from the 1st Brigade, 207th Corps, supported by the TSU-C, was transported by helicopter to the construction site of the Salma Dam, where they checked the safety conditions of the site.

The operation is of particular importance because the dam, built in 1976, has long been a target for insurgents. If they are able to prevent or jeopardize the dam’s completion, it could destabilize the surrounding area of the Chisht-e Sharif district and damage the reputation of local security forces.

At the same time, in an effort to ensure the freedom of movement along the main roads of the area of responsibility, the TSU-C and their Afghan colleagues have accomplished two other major joint operations. The first took place along the route linking Afghanistan’s major cities, also known as “Ring Road.” The second was held in the Obeh district, supporting a unit of the Afghan National Civil Order Police.