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News | Dec. 10, 2012

Rule Of Law Makes Impressive Gains At Justice Center

By CJIATF-435 Public Affairs , Combined Joint Interagency Task Force 435

CAMP PHOENIX, Afghanistan (December 4, 2012) – The Afghan criminal justice system continues to
make impressive strides in implementing the rule of law and demonstrating its national
sovereignty in the criminal justice system at the Justice Center in Parwan (JCIP).
Established in June 2010, the JCIP exists to ensure fair and impartial justice for those
defendants alleged of committing national security crimes in the Afghan criminal justice

At the JCIP, the Afghans are partnering with the Rule of Law Field Force- Afghanistan
(ROLFF-A), a subordinate command under CJIATF-435. ROLLF-A’s mission is to
provide essential field capabilities, liaison and security to partnered Afghan and coalition
civil-military teams in order to build Afghan criminal justice capacity, increase access to
dispute resolution services, fight corruption and promote the legitimacy of the Afghan
government. Through this partnership, the JCIP has made tremendous strides in
advancing the legitimacy and functionality of the role of law in Afghanistan.  

During its first year, the JCIP completed just 45 cases. Thus far in 2012, 1135 criminal
cases have been completed, as compared to only 436 in all of 2011. These include
primary level, juvenile and appellate court cases. “These numbers depict a steady
increase in the court’s ability to dispense fair and impartial Afghan justice, which serves
as a demonstrable example of Afghan sovereignty,” said U.S. Army Brig. Gen. Ural D.
Glanville, the ROLLF-A commander.

“This is a total effort by our Afghan partners. Afghan judges, Afghan prosecutors and
Afghan defense counsel are demonstrating their resolve and commitment to bringing
the rule of law to their nation,” said BG Glanville. “The JCIP is a clear example of the
working partnership between the Afghan government and coalition forces in bringing to
justice those who violate the laws of Afghanistan in a fair, equitable and transparent
manner,” he added.

The creation of the JCIP was a critical step in establishing Afghan criminal trial
processes for cases of terrorism and threats to Afghan national security. JCIP
operations are crucial to transition elements of detainee operations and facilitate
prosecution of suspected insurgents initially detained under the Law of Armed Conflict
(LOAC) at the Detention Facility in Parwan (DFIP). The success of the JCIP is a
significant milestone indicative of the increasing capability and capacity being built in
partnership with the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (GIRoA), and is
a clear demonstration of Afghan sovereignty.