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News | June 18, 2012

ANA Soldier stands out among peers

By 1st Lt. Jessica Jackson , Task Force Knight Public Affairs

KANDAHAR PROVINCE, Afghanistan (June 18, 2012) — Members of the 3rd Battalion, 205th Brigade of the Afghan National Army trained with members of the 22nd Engineer Clearance Company, learning the capabilities of mine detection equipment, June 4.

The training event was a part of an ongoing program which covers different facets of being a combat engineer.

During the training, one ANA Soldier, Samiullah, stood out in particular because of his proficient use of the mine detector, according to U.S. Army Spc. Justin Manchester.

Samiullah’s expertise with the Minehound, a mine detector, greatly helps the unit’s mission to eradicate the country of improvised explosive devices threats. It is a great asset for the members of the 3rd Bn. to have one of their own to help teach them the importance of mind hounds. His knowledge and skill set helps facilitate training led by the ANA for the ANA.

“I really like using the mine detectors.” said Samiullah. “I studied them in Marza-e-sharif.”

The Minehounds are used to help dismounted soldiers locate mines. The device combines ground penetrating radar and metal detection systems to help soldiers identify the threat of potential mines in their path.

“It’s important for me to do a good job. I really like clearing my routes and doing well on my missions. I just really want to do well for my country,” Samiullah said.

The 22nd ECC has been working hard with the ANA to get them prepared for the challenges ahead. As the U.S. looks toward its [withdrawal] from Afghanistan, it is imperative that the ANA is ready to take the lead. The weekly training will help ensure the Soldiers of the 3rd Bn. are ready for this task.

“The ANA will have one of the hardest working jobs in Afghanistan,” said Samiullah. “We will have to train harder and be professional for the war. When the Taliban tries to bring terrorism the Afghanistan, we will have to beat them.”