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News | March 1, 2012

Afghan Local Police repel attack at checkpoint

By Staff Sgt. Cody Sedlacek , Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force %u2013 Afghanistan Media Operations Center

FARYAB PROVINCE, Afghanistan (February 29, 2012) — Afghan Local Police defended a checkpoint from an insurgent attack in Qeysar district, Feb. 26.

ALP manning the checkpoint were attacked by an unknown number of insurgents with sporadic small arms fire.

The ALP immediately returned fire, and called for additional support. The ALP commander organized a quick reaction force of additional ALP to assist. In addition, a nearby coalition Special Operations Forces team also assisted the ALP with supporting fire.

The insurgents were successfully driven off, and the ALP sustained no casualties or injuries during the firefight.

“The ALP that came under attack reacted just the way they were trained,” said a coalition SOF adviser. “They returned fire, and calmly reported the situation. This type of discipline makes them an effective fighting force.” 

The ALP is a defensive-based, security initiative that brings stability, government presence, and the opportunity for economic development to the rural communities and areas of Afghanistan.
No civilian casualties and no property damage was reported.