NEWS | Aug. 8, 2011

Afghan government, PRT complete largest hospital in Khowst

By U.S. Air Force Capt. David Tomiyama , Khowst Provincial Reconstruction Team Public Affairs

KHOWST PROVINCE, Afghanistan (August 6, 2011) — Khowst Province citizens seeking medical attention have a brand-new facility in Khowst City to support them.

The Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan-led project, with guidance from Khowst Provincial Reconstruction Team members, finished construction on the largest hospital in the province July 30.

“We’re all very enthusiastic for this hospital,” said Dr. Hedayatullah Hamidi, Khowst minister of public health. “It’s the best hospital facility in the entire region.”

The Khowst Provincial Hospital houses 150 beds, 10 emergency rooms, 10 surgery rooms and four wards, two each for male and female patients, said Hamidi.

It also includes specialized areas for optometry, physical therapy, dentistry, training, casting and an obstetrics and gynecology center with eight incubators.

“It’s a very impressive, modern hospital,” said U.S. Navy Lt. j.g. Marshall “Doc” Faulds, Provincial Reconstruction Team Khowst medical officer from San Clemente, Calif. “It has the potential to significantly increase the medical capacity in the region.”

The PRT assisted local officials throughout the construction process from submitting initial plans to inspecting the quality of construction.

The hospital’s two-stories sit on a 327,222 square foot lot. A paved road gives patients easy access to the medical facility. The hospital also gives families accommodations to stay overnight.

The provincial hospital will replace the 50-year old facility in Khowst City. The current staff of 129 can grow to 180 at the new building.