NEWS | July 5, 2011

Afghan National Security Forces step up presence throughout Gizab

By Spc. Ashley Bowman , Regional Command South

URUZGAN, Afghanistan (June 30, 2011) —Afghan National Police, partnered with Afghan Local Police and the Afghan National Army, stepped up security patrols throughout Gizab district, June 27, after receiving tips from local villagers about the Taliban staging weapons and creating impromptu checkpoints on local commerce routes. 

Local citizens asked Afghan National Security Forces to address the disruption of key roads into the district which allow the Gizab area to receive additional goods and services and ultimately foster development, according to ANP officials. 

“We have more opportunities for business and better livelihoods now that the ANP and ALP have helped keep Gizab secure,” said a village elder. “Security is essential for our continued growth.” 

Local officials said a strong connection to the Afghan government is preventing Taliban influence from prevailing amongst citizens in the area. According to government officials, there has been a significant reduction in insurgent activity since the integration of the ALP into Gizab villages. 

“Gizab ANP and ALP will continue to respond to insurgent threats and assert a strong government presence throughout the Gizab bowl,” said an ALP checkpoint commander. 

Afghan and coalition officials credit consistent patrols and an aggressive stance against insurgent activity to minimizing the effect of Taliban in the area.

“The consequent disruption and dispersal of Taliban elements sends a message to the people of Gizab that Afghan led forces can and will protect the populace, while effectively responding to insurgent threats,” said a coalition Special Operations advisor. “This will allow Gizab to remain secure.”