NEWS | June 7, 2011

Jordan soldier makes ultimate sacrifice

By None , Regional Command-East Public Affairs

LOGAR PROVINCE, Afghanistan (June 7, 2011) — Jordanians are mourning the loss of 1st Lt. Majed Abu Qdairi who died after insurgents targeted the humanitarian aid convoy he was escorting in Logar Province, Afghanistan May 22.

Qdairi, tasked with security for a convoy providing medical and food supplies to a remote village, died after a road side bomb exploded.  The explosion also injured three of his men.

“The loss of one of my officers had a big impact on our missions here in Afghanistan,” said Task Force Nashmi commander, Jordan Army Col. Al-Suheim Mekhled. “Qdairi was one of the finest Jordanian officers who did not give up to do his best maintaining the worldwide well-known reputation of (Jordan Armed Forces) through giving hands and relieving pain of anyone he administered aid to.”

Qdairi served with TF Nashmi, a unit assigned to Task Force Bayonet and stationed at Forward Operating Base Shank in Logar Province.   According to Mekhled, the lieutenant took great pride in helping the citizens of Afghanistan despite the risks.

“We expect things like this to happen walking in a combat area, since our Soldiers walk alongside Coalition Soldiers and Afghani Soldiers and we will not delay to perform any tasks. We will keep on because this is the most important thing – that is our biggest activity. We will move on as much as we can,” Mekhled said.

Moving on, includes continuing dozens of humanitarian programs in the area.  Most recently, TF Nashmi renovated 34 mosques, providing them with furniture and copies of the Quran. In addition, TF Nashmi distributed food, medical supplies and humanitarian assistance, renovated schools, built roads and delivered water to houses in Mohammad Agha District and the village of Kushi.

As part of the Kingdom’s humanitarian mission in Afghanistan, Jordanian Female Engagement Teams are working to raise the awareness of Afghan women’s rights and provide educational and health assistance.  TF Nashmi also routinely holds religious seminars and radio programs focusing on the Amman Message, which seeks to clarify the true image of Islam, said Mekhled.

“The Jordanian Armed Forces stand proud as a Muslim Nation, alongside its Coalition Force partners, and continue to combat the insurgency and spread goodwill to the people of the nation of Afghanistan,” he said.

Mekhled said the partnership was evident in the way Coalition forces helped after Qdairi’s death.

“Myself, my officers and soldiers and all of Jordan appreciate all the support that was presented to our hero…. the most important thing was the expedicting of the body, it only took 18 hours,” said Mekhled. “I feel good that our soldiers get the same treatment as American Soldiers. This is a good thing.”

He continued, “This Jordanian sacrifice will not affect JAF on completing its mission of providing aid to indigent people, anytime, anywhere. Tiressly, JAF will continue the role of spreading the message of moderate Islam seeking the benevolence and security of mankind.”