NEWS | Nov. 4, 2010

ISAF Doctors Save Afghan Child in Ghazni

By Artur Weber , ISAF Joint Command

KABUL, Afghanistan (Nov. 4, 2010) –– Polish and American doctors from Task Force White Eagle saved the life of an 8-year-old Afghan girl wounded when insurgents attacked Afghan security guards in the south of Ghazni province Tuesday.

The girl’s brother took her to Forward Operating Base Warrior seeking medical care. According to the brother, she was injured when insurgents attacked a civilian convoy.

Polish medics from FOB Warrior first delivered medical care, but it soon became necessary to transport the child by helicopter to FOB Ghazni’s field hospital to perform surgery. 

“As a result of wounds to her abdomen she required surgery on her intestines. Further, one bullet lodged in her sacrum bone,” said Dr. (Maj.) Robert Brzozowski, head of the field surgical team. 

Polish surgeons, assisted by an American anesthesiologist, operated for two-hours.

“The doctors managed to safely remove the bullet from girl’s body,” said Brzozowski. The operation was a success and shortly afterward the girl was transported to a provincial hospital in Ghazni City.