News | May 16, 2010

CENTCOM hosting AFG-PAK conference in June

By None , U.S. Central Command

MACDILL AFB, Fla. (May 17, 2010) — The United States Central Command Afghanistan-Pakistan Center of Excellence (COE) will host its first conference June 7-8 at the Quorum/Wyndham Hotel in Tampa to address the current conditions in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The two-day conference, themed “The Art of the Possible in Afghanistan and Pakistan,” is intended to foster open dialogue and debate, as well as discuss opportunities and options for the future.

This year’s conference will feature multiple speakers, panelists, moderators and military officials who possess expertise in their respective fields.

Panelists will present their own research, as well as talk about their experiences in the region. The aim of these presentations is to promote an open forum among all the event participants. The conference will also identify any shortfalls in research that can be addressed in the future.

Since being inaugurated last year, the COE has focused on both formal and informal outreach and engagements.  It also serves as an enduring hub of in-depth research and analysis on the region and works closely with various government and nongovernment entities.  The COE plans to hold this conference annually.

For further information regarding the COE conference, contact the COE Executive Officer, Yvonne Biggerstaff at (813) 827-0929, or the COE Symposium and Conference Program Manager Dawn Downey at (813) 827-5919.

Visit the COE website at  http://www2.centcom.mil/afgpak/1st_annual_conference/default.aspx