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News | Feb. 18, 2010

U.S. supports FATA road building in Pakistan

By None , US Embassy - Pakistan

ISLAMABAD (February 18, 2010) — The United States is financing the construction of the important Tank - Makeen road through the FATA Secretariat under the December 31, 2009 Implementation letter pledging USAID infrastructure support in South Waziristan. 

When complete, it will provide lifelines for development activities and commerce for people living in the FATA.

The Tank - Makeen road is being constructed under the supervision of the FATA Secretariat by the Frontier Works Organization.  Work began on February 1.

"The U.S. is working with the many elements of the Pakistan Government to deliver much needed infrastructure and services to the people in the FATA," said Ambassador Robin Raphel, Coordinator for Economic and Development Assistance, "We want to move quickly, so people can use the road for transportation and much needed commerce."   

The United States is the largest foreign humanitarian assistance contributor in the FATA, having pledged Rs. 63.75 billion ($750 million) over five years to support infrastructure, health, education, job creation, and other important initiatives.  The U.S. is also providing training, commodities, and infrastructure to support border security, civilian law enforcement, and counternarcotics projects in the FATA.