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News | May 28, 2008

Civilian reports disrupt Kunar attacks

By None , CJTF-101

KUNAR PROVINCE, Afghanistan (May 29, 2008) – Citizens of the Korengal valley came forward to Afghan troops and International Security Assistance Forces with information that lead to the disruption May 27 of an impending insurgent attack in Kunar province.

Late in the afternoon, several Korengal valley citizens approached a joint ANSF and ISAF patrol with information about the location of insurgents preparing an attack.

The information enabled ANSF and ISAF Soldiers to set up a surprise attack on the insurgents. During the attack, a second group of insurgents attacked the ANSF and ISAF positions. Around 7 p.m., precision munitions were dropped on both of the insurgent locations, eliminating the threat.

After returning to their bases, ANSF and ISAF leaders were again approached by concerned Korengal valley citizens who reported that insurgents had taken over a structure in the village of Qalaygal.

ANSF and ISAF soldiers positively identified seven armed insurgents gathered in and around the structure, and called in another precision airstrike to eliminate the insurgents.

Korengal valley elders have since verified that there were no civilian casualties. Provincial officials plan to address any concerns arising from these events in a shura scheduled to be conducted in the Korengal valley in the next few days.

No ANSF or ISAF Soldiers were killed or wounded over the course of the operations.