NEWS | April 28, 2008

Iraqi Security Forces clear Hyyaniyah

By None , MND-SE

BASRA (April 29, 2008) — As part of ongoing operations to secure the Hyyaniyah district in Basra, Iraq, Iraqi Security Forces searched the area of criminals and weapons caches last week.

The ISF involved were Soldiers from 1st Division, 14th Division; the 26th Brigade attached to the 1st Division; a Battalion with the National Police from Baghdad; and elements from an Emergency Police Battalion.

“It went rather well considering the threat and many different organizations that were involved,” said U.S. Marine Corps Maj. Robert Washington, military advisor for the 2nd Battalion, 1st Brigade, 1st Division. Additionally, the major said the Iraqi Army found a large weapons cache in a school during the search.

In the two days, they found substantial amounts of 60 mm mortars, 105 mm mortars, 120 mm mortars, rocket-propelled grenade rounds, RPG tubes, artillery shells for use as improvised explosive devices, homemade grenades, heavy machine guns, various rockets, including a 220 mm rocket, large amounts of small-arms ammunition and various mortar tube sizes.

“We were told it was a stronghold,” Washington said. “Possible threats were IEDs, small-arms fire, snipers and a house-borne IED where they rig a house to blow up when searched,” he added. “The Iraqi Army worked well. They met timelines and controlled their forces.

“They are continuing their efforts in humanitarian aid and intelligence gathering with the local populations,” Washington said.