NEWS | March 20, 2008

ISAF hosts Afghan leaders for Now Ruz dinner

By None , ISAF Public Information Office

KABUL, Afghanistan (March 20, 2008) – Outgoing and incoming International Security Assistance Force troops broke bread with Governor Mohideen Baluch and the provincial government line directors at the Farah Provincial Reconstruction Team.

The dinner celebrated Now Ruz, the Afghan New Year, and served as an introduction of incoming PRT leaders to their counterparts in the city.

Throughout the past year, key members of the PRT staff were paired with key members of the provincial government in a relationship building exercise that proved highly successful. The outgoing PRT oversaw $6 million in development projects in Farah province, a tenfold increase from the previous year.

“None of that would have been possible without the partnership and support we received from the provincial council, from the line directors, and from the governor’s office,” said Commander Frank Hughlett, outgoing PRT commander.

These partners for progress met one last time to share a meal, to reminisce about the past year and to begin forging plans for the future with the incoming PRT.

“I think the new year is a good time to reflect on how many wonderful things have happened in the last year,” said Commander Shoshana Chatfield, incoming PRT commander. “I think it is also a time to look forward with optimism for the new year. I and my team are so happy to be here on the ground in Farah, Afghanistan and we look forward to establishing deep and lasting friendships with the people of Farah.”