Iraqi troops get up-armored Humvees

By None , MNSTC-I


CAMP TAJI, Iraq (March 13, 2008) — The Iraqi Army’s 5th Division received the first 45 up-armored Humvees through the HMMWV transfer program following a graduation ceremony of the first HMMWV driver training course held in Taji, Mar. 13. 

The ceremony was attended by U.S. Army Lt. Gen. James M. Dubik, Multi-National Security Transition Command – Iraq commanding general, U.S. Army Brig. Gen. Robin P. Swan, Coalition Army Assistance Training Team commanding general, and Iraqi Army Gen. Abadi, Iraqi Army Vice Chief of Staff. 

“These Humvees have served as workhorses’ for the U.S. military and will now serve the Iraqi Security Forces just as well,” said Dubik. “These Humvees will provide protective mobility and increased lethality for the Iraqi Security Forces.”

The 45 Humvees were the first of 8,500 Humvees that are being refurbished and transferred to the Iraqi Security Forces. 

The Iraqi Army’s 5th Division had sent drivers through the HMMWV driver training course before driving away the new refurbished vehicles.  The drivers were selected from their unit to attend the three-day course, which consists of basic driving skills, understanding the instruments in the vehicle, and basic day and night operations. 

“Here we have Iraqis training Iraqis,” said Swan. “They have a proud military heritage here and they have ways of going about business that they are very proud of.”

The HMMWV training course will be conducted as the newly refurbished vehicles are made available to the different units. The units will sign for and take ownership of their Humvees, attend the training course and ride out to pass on what they have learned to the rest of their unit. 

“We are very proud to support our Iraqi partners with this increased capability,” said Dubik.