Afghan troops give aid to villagers

By None , CJTF 82 Public Affairs

Afghan troops hand out supplies to villagers in Tangay Pass March 7. (CJTF-82 photo)
Afghan troops hand out supplies to villagers in Tangay Pass March 7. (CJTF-82 photo)

BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan (March 12, 2008) — Afghan National Security Forces provided medical and humanitarian assistance to villagers in Tangay Pass, Oruzgan Province, March 7. 

The ANSF also assessed dried-up wells and a clinic for future projects with assistance from Coalition Forces.

The combined force began the operation by conducting a visit to the Yaklengah Clinic, meeting the clinic’s director Abdul Rahman.  During a previous visit, the director requested medical supplies and comfort items in order to enhance treatment at the clinic. 

The Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan followed through bringing blankets, pillows and medical supplies.

The clinic’s staff was overjoyed with the generous amount of goods, according to the director.

“Thank you for keeping your word,” said Rahman.

ANSF unloaded all of the supplies for the clinic and then discovered that the foundation and walls needed some repairs and fuel needed for the generator.

“We will bring these requests to IRoA for future projects,” a Coalition Soldier said. “IRoA remains committed to supply constant and quality medical care for Afghan citizens.”

Following the clinic visit, ANSF traveled to Tangay to conduct a medical assistance operation and a shura.  Approximately 60 villagers, including 10 women and 15 young girls, were treated for symptoms ranging from general muscle pain, ear infections, cold symptoms to skin infections. 

The villagers were also given baby formula, tooth-paste, tooth brushes, bowls, other personal hygiene items, radios, backpacks, notebooks, pens, pencils and children’s clothing.

ANSF leadership conducted a shura with elders Miak Koae, Mawahd Rasud, Miakahg and Haji Naginammahd to discuss future projects.

“The government helped many people today to obtain constant medical care, reached out to remote villages to help the sick, and assessed different developmental projects to bring future prosperity,” said Army Capt. Vanessa R. Bowman, a Coalition spokeswoman.