NEWS | March 12, 2008

ANSF secure Khak-e Safid, Farah

By None , CJTF- 82 CPIC

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan (March 10, 2008) — One of the harshest Afghan winters on record, Combined with the criminal and terrorist acts of insurgents, sprung Afghan national security forces into action to give aid to citizens and clear the Khak-e Safid region, Farah Province, of enemy fighting positions, weapons and improvised explosive device making materials.

In response to a plea from elders for assistance, the Afghan national army’s 207th Kandak, advised by coalition forces, provided humanitarian and medical aid to Afghan citizens and drove out the insurgents.

The ANA treated numerous patients and supplied various items, primarily winter clothing. As the teams moved through other villages, a family approached the ANSF for assistance. The team gave the family supplies consisting of shoes, blankets and other winter items.

As the mission progressed, other ANA-led security and clearing teams conducted a search of several suspected insurgent compounds and a canyon with enemy fighting positions. In the canyon, they found a weapons cache of IED making materials, 107 mm rockets, and rocket propelled grenades and launchers. Also found was a reinforced cave complex and an insurgent structure used as a base to conduct robberies.

The ANSF destroyed the structure, the cave and numerous fighting positions, which severely hampered the insurgent’s ability to conduct future operations. The final portion of the mission came when the ANA-led force cleared the Khowst Pass and positively identified several insurgent enemy positions preparing to ambush friendly forces. ANSF engaged the insurgents and called for precision air strikes eliminating the threat.

“Security patrols, such as this, illustrate that the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan not only continues to establish a stable and secure environment for the people, but is also committed to increasing the quality of life for all people in Afghanistan,” said Army Capt. Vanessa R. Bowman, coalition spokesperson.