Paratroopers inspect hydro project

By None , CJTF-82 PAO


BAGRAM, Afghanistan (March 10, 2008) — Third Platoon, Able Company, 2-503rd Parachute Infantry Regiment conducted a reconnaissance mission at the Dag micro-hydro project near the Dag Village.

After inspecting the micro-hydro project, the Paratroopers went into the Dag village to discuss future projects. During the meeting with village elders, some of the members of 3rd platoon enjoyed some goat milk tea with elders and discussed other needs of the village.

Micro-hydro power is proven technology, and a practical method to bring energy to remote mountain villages near mountain streams. System output ranges from 10 to 30 kilowatts. 

The average Aghan home with two light bulbs and a TV consumes about 100 watts. Micro-hydro is simple to install and operate, and is inexpensive and easy to sustain. Having electricity is new to many Afghans in remote areas. Not only does electricity make life easier, it allows Afghans to utilize TV and radio to stay connected to news and information about their growing government