News | March 8, 2008

Girls study physics in Oruzgan Province

By None , CJTF-82 PAO

Fiftenn girls learn physics at a girls' school in Oruzgan Province, Afghanistan. (CJTF-82 photo)
Fiftenn girls learn physics at a girls’ school in Oruzgan Province, Afghanistan. (CJTF-82 photo)

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan (March 6, 2008) — Afghan National Army and Coalition forces visited a village in Oruzgan Province and found 15 Afghan girls studying physics in Feb. 23. 

 The ANA and Coalition forces went to the village to assess the people’s needs and concerns in response after local residents requested the ANA come to their village.

 “The headmaster of the girls’ school requested the visitors come to see the classrooms,” said a Coalition soldier. 

Inside the school, the soldiers saw 15 teenage girls being taught physics lessons by a young man from Kabul who attended college and returned to the village to teach.  

 “The teacher told us that most of the girls will only finish through the 10th grade then they will get married and end up staying right in the same little village,” said a Coalition soldier.  “But without someone putting in the effort to educate them their choices will be limited and the villagers want more for their daughters.”