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News | Dec. 18, 2007

Coalition forces capture Special Groups leader, 12 detained


Iraqi Army Division Soldiers, advised by U.S. Special Forces, captured a known arms dealer in an operation in the Kirkuk province Dec. 17 and a known terrorist cell leader Dec. 14 in Ba’ajah.

Iraqi Soldiers, advised by U.S. Special Forces, captured the arms dealer in an overnight operation in the Kirkuk province. The dealer supplied weapons for use against Iraqi and Coalition Forces to al-Qaeda in Iraq networks and other terrorist groups.

In another operation Dec. 14, Iraqi Soldiers, advised by U.S.Special Forces, captured a known terrorist cell leader in the village of Ba’ajah.The terrorist is believed to have planned and conducted numerous attacks against Iraqi and Coalition Forces, including explosively formed penetrator and small arms fire attacks.

Additionally, the terrorist is thought to have ties to foreign terrorist networks and large sums of money to finance additional attacks. There were no Iraqi or U.S. Forces injured during either operation.