Iraqi Security Forces conduct air strikes against ISIS



Iraqi Security Forces conducted an airstrike against two ISIS locations Dec. 11, 2018 in As Susah, Syria.


The airstrike resulted in the destruction of two buildings used by senior ISIS leaders as meeting places; the destruction of these buildings severely degrades ISIS’ ability to have command and control over the remaining fighters in and around As Susah. 


“The Iraqi Security Forces are effectively defending their border with Syria against any incursion from ISIS fighters fleeing the fighting in the Middle Euphrates River Valley,” said Brig. Gen. Austin Renforth, Joint Operations Command – Iraq commander. “This strike demonstrates the ISF capabilities to deliver precise fires against ISIS targets, and directly support the Coalition’s fight to bring about the lasting defeat of ISIS in Iraq and Syria.”


The strike was planned and coordinated by the Iraqi Air Force, and carried out by two Iraqi F-16 fighter jets.


This successful air strike demonstrates the increasing professionalism and capability of the Iraqi Air Force to deliver precision air strikes against known ISIS targets. It also demonstrates the restraint by both Iraqi Security Forces and Coalition Forces in preventing civilian casualties on the battlefield through disciplined restraint and detailed target development.


The Coalition is committed to working by, with and through Iraqi Security Forces to achieve the enduring defeat of ISIS and helping to set the conditions for follow-on stabilization operations in Iraq and Syria.