U.S., 6 Gulf Nations Conduct Chemical Weapon Attack Response Drills
Civilian and military personnel from Gulf Cooperation Council nations and the U.S. conduct chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear response training as part of exercise Eagle Resolve 17, April 02, 2017, in Kuwait. In this hypothetical scenario, munitions loaded with a mustard gas chemical agent landed near a mosque resulting in 5-10 casualties. After detecting and identifying the chemical agent, response personnel deployed, triaged, evacuated and treated casualties, and secured the area. The exercise tests participant's ability to respond as a combined joint task force. Exercise Eagle Resolve is the premier U.S. multilateral exercise within the Arabian Peninsula. Since 1999, Eagle Resolve has become the leading engagement between the U.S. and Gulf Cooperation Council nations to collectively address the regional challenges associated with asymmetric warfare in a low-risk setting. (Photo by U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Francis O’Brien)