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CENTCAST | June 13, 2023

CENTCAST Episode 13: Air Forces Central, Watching the Friendly and Not-So-Friendly Skies over CENTCOM


We have a chance in Episode 13 to hear from U.S. Lt. Gen. Alexus Grynkewich about regional air challenges. He's been in command of Air Forces Central for little more than a year, one filled with challenges, opportunities and successful collaboration. While regional adversaries highlight the American withdrawal from Afghanistan, you'll hear about the continued U.S. and Coalition presence fully capable of deterring and defeating any threat. Whether it's helping to lead the charge on innovation, countering Russian influence in the region or harnessing the full potential of diverse and unique partners, Lt. Gen. Grynkewich has a front row seat to the CENTCOM issues of the day. We'll hear those perspectives on regional air power and more in this CENTCAST episode.