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CENTCAST | May 30, 2023

CENTCAST Episode 12: CENTCOM’s Women, Peace, and Security Program Explained in 15 Minutes


Episode 12 of the CENTCAST highlights a critical plank in our Partnership programs: the Women, Peace, and Security program. The program empowers and highlights women serving and leading in their countries’ national security. In so doing, the effort offers military forces throughout the CENTCOM region a strategic advantage of our adversaries and competitors. Rachel Arin, the CENTCOM program coordinator, joins host Joe Buccino and his friend Crespo to explain the value of women’s meaningful participation in security. She is a retired Army Sergeant Major who served in public affairs and is now living her best life in Tampa running the WPS program. It’s an important program, this is an interesting subject, and we’re giving you a short episode. So, give us 15 minutes and we’ll give you everything you need to know about the Women, Peace, and Security program.