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CENTCAST | May 16, 2023

CENTCAST Episode 11: Schuyler Moore, Driving a Culture of Innovation


Schuyler Moore, the first Chief Technology Officer in CENTCOM history, has been driving innovation across the command since coming into the job last November. The 30-year-old Harvard grad is accelerating the implementation of new technology and new ideas, moving out on AI-based targeting solutions, and encouraging creativity across all echelons. She’s also served as the subject of a Washington Post profile, addressed the national media in a Pentagon press briefing, and spoken with national and international reporters about her innovation focus. For Episode 11 Schuyler entered the CENTCAST studio to share her story and her focus within CENTCOM. She describes how she entered the command at the perfect moment and why CENTCOM is driving innovation for the US Department of Defense. She also describes some of CENTCOM’s innovation initiatives, including its counter-drone experimentation, unmanned platforms, and AI data collection programs. Schuyler has an inspiring backstory – she left Harvard for a year to teach in Afghanistan, was selected by Forbes as among 30 Under 30 brightest young American leaders, and entered military service in her late-twenties. She served as the Director of Science and Technology for the Defense Innovation Board – the youngest director in that organization’s history. In 2019, her report on 5G technology was presented to Congress and the White House. She’s already accomplished and experienced more than most people do in a lifetime. Amazingly, her journey is just getting started. All these elements are revealed in this 40-minute episode. CENTCAST host Joe Buccino spends a lot of time talking about CENTCOM history. This episode is about the present and future: in its 40th year, CENTCOM is revolutionizing its processes and operations to take advantage of AI, machine learning, robotics, and cloud computing. Schuyler Moore is leading those efforts. This episode has insight and wisdom for anyone interested in military innovation or the intersection of new technology into military operations.