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CENTCAST | May 9, 2023

CENTCAST Episode 10: Partnering at the Speed of Trust


CENTCOM's strategic approach centers on three components: People, Partners, and Innovation. This episode focuses on the second one. Marine Corps Major General Sean "Sumo" Salene, the CENTCOM Director of Plans and Strategy, enters the CENTCAST studio with host Joe Buccino to discuss US Central Command's focus on partnering with military forces in the Middle East, Levant, and Central and South Asian States. Sumo tells Joe about the value of listening and how a little humility advances American interests in the region. He also explains why leaning into our American military values in developing enduring, abiding relations offers CENTCOM a strategic advantage over China and Russia. This episode describes CENTCOM's philosophy on partnering and how CENTCOM organizes training exercises and operations partners. Our partners are such a critical aspect of everything we do and this episode explains what that means for our troops in the region and across the United States. Every leader assigned to CENTCOM and any security professional interested in CENTCOM's priorities will find insight in this shorter episode of CENTCAST.