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CENTCAST | April 25, 2023

CENTCAST Episode 9: Fleet Walters


If you’ve ever spent time with Navy Fleet Master Chief Derrick Walters – America’s longest-serving Navy SEAL – you’ll know immediately that he is a quiet, softspoken intellect, but he has a lot to say. A lot to say about the social evolution of the US military, about leadership, about the legacy of the brotherhood of the SEALS, and many other subjects related to life and service. In Episode 9 he says it all in the Tampa, Florida CENTCAST studio with host Joe Buccino. Born and raised in Queens, New York, Derrick served a lifetime as a Navy SEAL. He’s fought and led SEALs in some of the toughest, most violent, most strategically important places and missions ever witnessed by the American servicemember. He’s risen to the top of the American military, advising Generals and Admirals at the highest levels. Derrick now finds himself advising the commander of US Central Command at a critical moment of transformation for the organization and the region. Fleet Walters has always invested in his people. This goes beyond ensuring they are ready for combat – his personal investment in people extends to their families, to their lives beyond military services, and to seeking a balance between all the aspects of life that allow a fulfillment. He explains this leadership philosophy during an enlightening and thoroughly entertaining half hour. CENTCAST is the official podcast of US Central Command. With a new episode every Tuesday, the show tells the 40-year history of CENTCOM, America’s military command focused on the Middle East, Levant, and Central Asian States.