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CENTCAST | March 23, 2023

CENTCAST Episode 5: The Story of Kuwait


We normally release episodes of CENTCAST every other Tuesday. This episode, however, is going out on a Saturday: February 25th, Kuwait National Day. In fact, Kuwait National Day is the subject of episode 5. Host Joe Buccino is joined in studio by Staff Lieutenant Colonel Khaled Al Rubaian, a Kuwaiti Armed Forces officer who represents his nation in the US Central Command headquarters in Tampa. Khaled explains the history of Kuwait, the meaning of its national colors, and the story behind Kuwait National Day. CENTCAST is the official podcast of US Central Command, America’s premiere warfighting command. CENTCOM is the American military command focused on security of the Middle East, Levant, and the Central Asian States. We’re honored to have representatives from our regional partnered countries like Khaled serving alongside us in the CENTCOM headquarters and we’re honored he participated in the podcast.