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Press Release | Jan. 26, 2011

20 Years of Peace

By None , CENTCOM Public Affairs

AL QAROH ISLAND, Kuwait (Jan. 26, 2011)At the request of the government of Kuwait, the U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) provided personnel and Naval aviation support to the reenactment of the liberation of Al Qaroh Island, Tuesday, off the coast of Kuwait.

American personnel, along with MH-60 Desert Hawk helicopters, supported the Kuwaiti navy and special operations forces in the re-enactment, which is the first event in a month-long series of celebrations honoring the 20th anniversary of the liberation of Kuwait.

As part of this series of events, which commemorate Kuwait’s liberation and sovereignty, CENTCOM joins the Kuwaiti people in celebrating the shared values of freedom and stability throughout the region.

“It is with great satisfaction that I can join in celebrating a free and independent Kuwait on this noteworthy anniversary,” said Gen. James N. Mattis, Commander, CENTCOM.  “As a nation that has known the scourge and endured the indignity of an aggressive, senseless invasion, Kuwait stands today as an international reminder that good nations standing together are more than a counter against malign influences. Having fought alongside Kuwaiti Soldiers who served in my U.S. Marine infantry battalion during the liberation of Kuwait in 1991, I convey personally and professionally the respect of the U.S. Military for this valiant country,” he said.

Central Command has an enduring commitment to our allies and partners in the region to advance stability, security, prosperity, and peace. In times of peace and crisis, CENTCOM stands ready to assist, respond and defeat aggression which threatens the stability of the region.

For additional information concerning CENTCOM’s participation in upcoming celebratory events in Kuwait, please contact the U.S. Army Central Command Public Affairs Office at 404-464-4695/2608 Georgia or 011-965-9907-9883/6659 Kuwait.