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Support to the Global War on Terror

Hellenic Armed Forces, committed to promoting peace and security, have been participating in peace-keeping operations and the fight against Terrorism, conducted under the umbrella of International Organizations, such as United Nations, NATO, European Union, and OSCE. Currently, 2.224 members of Hellenic Armed Forces have been engaged all over the world to related operations.

Support to ISAF

Greece has been one of the first nations to apply resolution 1386 / 2001 of the United Nations Security Council, on the establishment of the International Security Assistance Forces (ISAF), with the provision of the following forces and assets:

       • One (1) Hellenic Army Composite Battalion, specialized in infrastructure work, reinforced with security and support elements.

Greece took command of Kabul International Airport (KAIA) on April 1st, 2010 for at least 6 months and 55 personnel of the Hellenic Air Force are deployed there for that reason.

One (1) C-130 Transportation Aircraft with crew for airlifts, on station in Athens.

About 20 staff cadres manning ISAF Headquarters, the Regional Command Capital (RCC) and Kabul International Airport (KAIA).


From August 2005 to April 2007, Hellenic Mobile Field Surgical Hospital was deployed in Kabul. The Hospital with a medical-treatment unit of 30 beds capacity functioned operationally within KAIA , providing also medical training to Afghan doctors.

  From December 2005 to March 2006, Greece undertook the command of Kabul International Airport (KAIA), as frame-work nation.

During the Apr 07 meeting of the North Atlantic Council, the Greek Foreign Minister announced that Greece would offer 13 M60A3 battle tanks and 300 AK-47 submachine guns. The AK-47s were delivered in September 2007 and the battle tanks are ready to be delivered after the Afghan’s government acceptance.


Support to OEF

Right after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 in New York, Greece has been one of the first countries to immediately respond to the request of the USA to create a coalition of willing nations, with the aim of combating terrorism, with the provision of the following:·

One (1) frigate, “MEKO” or “S” type, carrying organic helicopter and a Seals team, deployed in Arabian Sea in support of CTF-150 (in total, 6 frigates rotating every 3 months from Feb 2002 to Sep 2003). Souda Naval Base, activated as Forward Logistic Site (FLS), with the highest degree of readiness and security against any threat. Souda Air Base, providing support to Allied Aircraft.

Provision of one (1) paratroopers Company to enhance security measures to military facilities used by NATO or U.S.  forces.

One (1) C-130 Transportation Aircraft to transport Humanitarian Assistance and equipment for the Afghan National Army, donated by other countries.

Assignment of three (3) Staff Officers (Army, Navy, Air Force) to the HQ of USCENTCOM, Tampa, FL.

Humanitarian assistance to the people of Afghanistan

In cooperation with the international community, Greek contribution aims at improving the living standards of the Afghan people, and in particular in fighting poverty, heavily affecting the more vulnerable parts of the population.

In the framework of Humanitarian Aid towards the people of
Afghanistan, the Hellenic Armed Forces have donated an array of means and materials, such as clothes, medical supplies and pharmaceutical material, power generators, water purification equipment computers, books, etc. Additionally, the Hellenic Contingent has participated in the reconstruction of roads and bridges and road improvement works in various sectors of Kabul.

Apart from that, Greek aircrafts have transported Egyptian, Romanian, Swiss, Albanian and Greek donations to
Kabul, Afghanistan in 2002.

Humanitarian help from the Hellenic (Greek) Composite Battalion in Afghanistan to Kabul's Deaf-Mute School

Greek soldier poses with Afghan girl.Humanitarian
help from the
Battalion in
Kabul’s deaf-
mute school
started in March
2009. 250
children are
attending the
school, which is
located in the center of
Kabul. On a weekly basis (every Saturday) a number of approximately 10 students, some representatives and some professors are hosted by the Battalion.

During the visits lunch is provided to the Afghan kids and their chaperons who have the opportunity to enjoy video projects about geographic, historical and civilization information with the Battalion personnel. Afghan kids have fun with the
ΤΕΣΑΦ’s entertainment means playing soccer, ping-pong, board games etc.

School gifts are presented to the kids and commemorative presents to their teachers. On May 19
th 2009, Greek Battalion’s Commander and some officers visited the aforementioned school where they donated 21 marker boards, soccer balls and they provided food goods for the coverage of  school needs.

Support to OIF

Greece supported OIF as following:

  Activated Souda Naval Base as a forward logistics site (FLS).

 Granted blanket over-flight and landing clearance and support within Hellenic air space at all major airports.

  Provided enhanced security at NATO/US military installations with increased SOF/ paratrooper presence and naval patrols.

  Provided medical services at the Naval Hospital in Souda Naval Base.

  Supplied Allied Naval units at Souda Naval Base.

  Handled Allied aircraft at Souda AFB (loading, arming and storage of aircraft weapons and ammunitions).

Additionally, Greece

  provided training to Iraqi military doctors in Greek military hospitals.

 donated 36 refurbished BMP-1 armored vehicles in November 2005 and ammunition, while additional 64 BMP-1s were delivered to Iraq in December 2006.

  donated engineering and communications equipment, ammunition and small arms.

  transported 82 Hungarian T-72 tanks donated to Iraq and related equipment.

  following an agreement with Iraq and Bulgaria, Greece provided training for 30 cadres of the Iraqi Security Forces, on the premises of the Military University at Veliko Tyrnovo, in Bulgaria in August 2006. The training was conducted and supervised by a Greek mobile training team of seven instructors, provided by the Multinational Peace Support Operations Training Center, located at Kilkis, Greece.

Liaison Team to USCENTCOM

An Hellenic Liaison Team has been stationed in USCENTCOM HQ in Tampa, Florida since 19 Dec, 2001. The Liaison Team consists of the Hellenic Army Senior National Representative and 2 Liaison Officers (O5/O4) from Hellenic Navy and Hellenic Air Force respectively. Its mission is primarily to coordinate operations with USCENTCOM, exchange information and arrange force contributions within USCENTCOM AOR.

Phone: (813) 827-1662/1664/1768
Fax:  (813) 827-1667

Hellenic National Defense General Staff 
Hellenic Ministry of National Defense
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