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Egypt is an important U.S. partner in the pursuit of Middle East peace, and regional stability. U.S. assistance to Egypt has long played, and continues to play, a central role in Egypt’s political, economic, social, and military transformation. Egypt has begun a substantive economic reform process which has seen some meaningful results; however, more must be done. To expand the scope of what has already begun, the United States will support programs to expand civil liberties, introduce transparency and accountability in government, and foster more democratic institutions. Despite some progress, achieving meaningful reform will continue to present challenges. The U.S. will remain closely engaged with the Government of Egypt (GOE) on political and economic reforms, while encouraging Egypt’s strong support for U.S. regional policies and efforts to combat terrorism. The U.S. Government supports the enactment of the political reforms outlined by President Mubarak during the 2005 Presidential campaign. Egypt has, however, been slow to implement these reforms. U.S. assistance program will work with the Egyptians to advance these reforms apace. The United States also supports Prime Minister Nazif’s economic reform package and remains committed to promoting trade and investment between the U.S. and Egypt. Furthermore, U.S. assistance programs will support reforms in basic education in accordance with Egypt’s National Education Strategic Plan, as well as to improve Maternal and Child Health indicators, thus moving Egypt closer to achieving the Millennium Development Goals.

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