Afghan National Commandos, Coalition forces capture two Taliban Commanders

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Dec. 16, 2008

Release Number: 20081612-03

Afghan National Commandos, Coalition forces capture two Taliban commanders  and one militant

KABU L, Afghanistan – Afghan National Commandos, assisted by Coalition forces, detained Taliban commanders Abdul Aziz and Abdul Rahman as well as one militant, Ishmail, during a security patrol in Jalalabad City, Nangahar (Nangarhar) province, Dec. 15.

Abdul Rahman is a Taliban commander associated with facilitating IED activity in the Korengal Valley, Konar province and is also directly linked to more than 50 attacks against Afghan National Security Forces and Coalition forces. Rahman’s nephew, Ishmail, is also linked to Anti-Afghan Forces activities in the Korengal Valley.

Abdul Aziz is a well known insurgent in Konar province and has conducted numerous attacks on the ANSF and Coalition forces. He is also responsible for the deaths of Coalition forces members and Afghan citizens.

The ANA Commandos and Coalition forces conducted the patrol after receiving credible information from local officials on AAF activities in Jalalabad City.

ANA Commandos searched a home for suspected illegal material and AAF after gaining permission from the owners to enter. During the course of their search they detained the three known insurgents while safeguarding 20 men and 30 women. All three individuals identified themselves during questioning by Commandos.

During the patrol no shots were fired and no non-combatants were harmed.

“This operation demonstrates our Afghan National Security Forces are growing in their capability and competence,” said Gen. Mohammad Zahir Azimi, Chief spokesperson for the Afghan Ministry of Defense. “Our efforts today prevented future IED attacks that would have harmed the innocent."


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